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Check out the Enhance MC Microbial page for more information.


32 oz. Enhance MC contains Nitrogen fixing and Phosphate solubilizing microbes, as well as bacteria that breaks down dead plant material and turns it into food for your plant.  In addition, there is Kelp and 6% fulvic acid, which can be used as a foliar or in soil.  Foliar through veg on hemp/cannabis and through out the season on garden fruits and vegtables.  Due to the strength of the Fulvic acid we reduce down to lower application rates if using in soil and the grower is not using additional full strength liquid or powederd nutrients on a every day basis. 

32 oz. Enhance MC Microbial Shipping Included

SKU: 009
$55.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • Please see main Enhance MC Microbial page for more detailed information.  If looking for different sizes or more information email, call or add the Multiple Products/Larger Sizes to the cart to be contacted.

  • Shipping included -Enhance MC Microbial ships in USPS 3 day priority mail packaging. 

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