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Shipping Included - Please see the main GreasePack Amendments page for more detailed information. If looking for different sizes or more information email, call or add the Multiple Products/Larger Sizes to the cart to be contacted.


GreenLife Biotics Grease Pack #1 includes an 8 oz. bottle of the Original Enhance MC microbial, 2 oz. bottle of GLB Micro DS and an 8 oz. bottle of Brix57 carbohydrates. This works as a sample pack and can accommodate at least 4+ plants that are being grown indoors with a 90–120-day cycle. Enhance MC includes 0.25% kelp as well as 6% fulvic acid. Due to the strength of the fulvic acid which makes micronutrients available to the plant at a high rate, we only use at very small doses and the Micro DS micronutrient is a supplement to help aide as well as help create secondary metabolites.


Lastly, GLB Brix57 carbohydrates are from a proprietary plant extraction and not made from sugarcane or sugar beet molasses. This product is for those looking for greasy, denser, resin flowers with higher secondary metabolites. The Enhance MC microbes use the proper food source in Brix57 to expand and consume the micronutrients which are cofactors in enzymes that create those secondary metabolites growers look for in their plants.


Can be ran with all nutrient lines’ hydro to super soil. Add on top of any nutrient recipe or replace your current microbial and carbohydrate by itself.


8 oz. Enhance MC Microbial, 2 oz. GLB Micro DS, and an 8oz. GLB Brix57


* Enhance MC Microbial- Nitrogen Fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes as well as microbes that break down cellulose turning it into a food source for your plants. Enhance MC with Kelp and 6% fulvic acid. 0.25-1mL depending on if hydro to Super Soil.


* GLB Micro DS - 0.01% sodium super clean with the proper amounts and available for your plants. Micronutrients are cofactors in enzymes that create secondary metabolites (terpenes, trichomes and flavonoids) 0.1- 0.2mL max rate application per gallon.


* GLB Brix57 - All natural 1/2 organic non-gmo plant-based fructose and glucose carbohydrates. This is Not a byproduct of the Sugar industry like Molasses (sugarcane or sugar beets) This is made specifically for plants and result are visible at 1-2 mL per gallon. If used Day 1 of flower nodes may space 5 plus inches depending on genetics and environment. Start Day 15 of flower if worried about too much stretch at beginning of flower.

GreasePack #1 Original Test Kit 8 oz

  • GreasePack #1 is shipped USPS 3-day Priority Mail

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