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Organic Roots2Shoots is made up of Amino Acids, Organic Acids and our proprietary Cold Homogenized Fish, which supports the Root System, Shoot System, and Secondary Metabolite production.  In propagation and the vegetative phase, it also works as a root accelerant up to day 20 of flower, and from day 21 on it supports only flowering for amino acid and secondary metabolite production. 


**Amino Acids are so available that we do not recommend more than 1 mL of Roots2Shoots per gallon of water. Too much of ANY Nitrogen can inhibit Flower growth. You do not want a deep dark forest green leaf especially in the start of flower, it can delay flowering and create smaller bud sizes.  We recommend watching your plants and if too dark of leaves cut application of nitrogen if possible a week before flower or at the start of flower also if dark leaves at start of flower put in 24 hours of darkness to have the plant override the nitrogen uptake and start the proper chemical reactions. **


Due to the nature of this product also having a small water holding effect we are recommending using from after day 10 from the seed germination or as a pre plant application indoors. We do have growers that have used as 0.25-0.5 mL as soon as day 4-5 but there is so much variations between environment and inputs to be safe we recommend using from day 10 at 0.5 ml per gallon of water Every Other Day or as needed and moving up to 0.5-1 mL at day 15 after germination. This will expand roots.


This still can be used as an organic clone dip but if you currently use a hormone based clone dip you can still use and just add Roots2Shoots into the Cloning Solution or water. 

If organic cloning add 1 mL Roots2Shoots to shot glass dip 45 degree angle cut end of clone directly into undiluted product and place in medium.


Cloning Solution

We recommend using 1 mL Roots2Shoots and 1 mL of Enhance MC microbial per gallon of water as the only nutrients needed for cloning. If large root mass starts to create leaf deficiency you can add a second 1 mL of Roots2Shoots for additional nutritional value.

R2S amino pic 4.jpg
R2S amino pic 2 .jpg

Pictures from @WeTheStash_ on IG  using Roots2Shoots to raise the quality of Nitrogen and health of leaves


Roots2Shoots will help in seedlings, cloning and some even put into there easy cloners if they keep their water temperature at 68 degrees or lower, as it is less likely to cause any biofilm.  However, as there is fish biology, which has a rooting benefit, plus using Enhance MC, the higher the temperature the higher chance for biofilm. 


Side by Side vs ANY Fish Based Amendment

Veg & Flower

Growers not looking to rootbound pots will use into the first or second week of the final transplanted pot, then resume using as an amino acid and secondary metabolite amendment from day 21 of flower on to raise the quality of the final flower. 

Those that are looking to create roots to feed Daily would use continually throughout Veg and Flower, or for those that want the root mass, but keep to an Every Other Day feeding could still use continually, but in conjunction with Liquid Organic Matter to expand the root mass, but slow the watering back to an Every Other Day feed.  This occurs as Liquid Organic Matter will coat roots with a high AEC (Anion Exchange Capacity) and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) which will bond with the negatively and positively charged elements, holding more water in the rootzone effectively keeping nutrients in the rhizosphere. 

Amino Acid & Secondary Metabolite Amendment 

When used as an amendment, it ramps up the health of the plant from veg through flower but due to the root accelerant action in the Vegetative state some growers especially organic soil growers are not trying to root bound their pots so we recommend stopping and then restarting on Day 21 of Flower until the last week before Harvest. This would be used at the same rates as in the Vegetative stage above.  The biology from the fish as well as a number of natural elements that help in raising the secondary metabolites of the plant.

R2S  roots .jpg
R2S  roots .jpg
R2S  roots .jpg




Seedlings Every 2-3 days

0.25-0.5 mL per gallon Day 10-15

0.5-1 mL per gallon Day 15 on 

Outdoor Direct Seed 

1 time application after seeded

1 mL per gallon 

Cloning Solution

1 mL per gallon with 1 mL per gallon of Enhance MC microbial. No other ingredients needed for nutrients. 

Vegetative Phase through Day 20 Flower

Daily - 0.25-0.5 mL

Every Other Day 0.5-1 mL

Flower Day 21 until Last Week Before Harvest

Daily - 0.25-0.5 mL

Every Other Day 0.5-1 mL

Excellent Food Source for all Garden Fruits and Vegetables as well.

Transplant Through Flower

1 mL per gallon as needed 

Application Rates 

Heading 3