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​What very few understand about all nutrient lines....


Every nutrient line makes their micronutrients low enough so it will not cause toxicity in the weakest strains of plants, but do not tell you all strains can handle more that what is in their products. Moreover, there are strains that can handle aggressive amounts of micronutrients in certain settings. The more that a plant can uptake, the higher the quality.  Those higher application rate settings are usually more coco or hydro based as proper organic matter and microorganisms will get a higher availability out of the micronutrients than systems and nutrients lines that are sometimes lacking. All mediums can handle more, but this is where patience comes into play on testing the limits of a strain as so many growers want to always test new strains. 

So what does this mean?  As micronutrients are cofactors in enzymes that create a majority of secondary metabolites, the more that a strain can handle, the higher the quality.  Every grower should have a bottle of a separate full range of micronutrients, not just a few like all these "terpene enhancing" products on the market that include a little extra zinc, manganese and boron for a few weeks, but should also have copper, sulfur and iron for the entire grow.

Coincidently, we are sure the big brands will at least start thinking about making separate full micro products after seeing this.  The problem is they can't make it as clean or will try to charge crazy pricing.  Our 32 oz. bottle, which would do 9460 gallons, costs just $14.00.  That equates to less than 1/6 of 1 cent at  $0.00147 per gallon of water for an amendment dose. There is not another full micronutrient that has 0.01% salts, is this bioavailable and costs less than 1/6th of 1 cent giving anywhere near the same quality, it just doesn't exist.  It also doesn't make sense for normal money first companies, and we have nothing against capitalism so simmer down, we just don't need to charge everybody more money just because we can...

Some of the benefits...

  • Sharper more defined leaf structure when using

  • Healthier leaf structure

  • Most Available Micronutrient on the market

  • Raises quality of Secondary Metabolites (Terpenes, Flavonoids, Trichomes, etc)

  • Most Economical Micronutrient on the market- less than $0.0030  per gallon of water every other day, or $0.00147 per gallon daily

  • As an Amendment, it supports every other nutrient line to give proper micronutrients to raise quality of plants and secondary metabolites

  • Does Not Add Excess Salts – 0.01% Salts

  • Sulfur is also microbial food source so additional sulfur is always needed so more gets into the plant

  • Heavy Metals Removed

  • Can be applied incrementally at higher doses starting at 0.05 mL above the recommend application rate per gallon of water to test to see the quality limits of each strain. 

leaf side by side.jpg

GLB Micro DS is a diluted version of our concentrate.  As an amendment, our concentrate is 1 mL to 200 gallons and the Micro DS is 1 mL per 10 gallons, but there is not a difference in price as it is priced accordingly.  Our GLB Micro was separated from the other amendments as it is so concentrated, and growers need to have more control over their nutrients.  Micronutrients have a direct impact on secondary metabolites.  As stated above, they are cofactors in enzymes that create secondary metabolites.  They are the plants way to reduce disease and pest pressure, which are the very things growers are looking for which include flavonoids, terpenes and trichomes among a host of other benefits. 


As an amendment, GLB Micro DS would be used at 0.1 mL per gallon on a hydro or daily feed or 0.2 mL per gallon on an Every Other Day Feed. 

0.70 mL. per gallon 1 Week Test

Growers can order a 2 oz. bottle and see results in 1 week on their plants!  The top of the leaves will become more defined, healthier. If used over time you can see, as the picture on the left below shows, where there is an additional structure almost like a spine coming off the center of the leaf. 

Amendment per gallon 

Hydro or Daily Feed Rate  0.1 mL 

Every Other Day Feed Rate  0.2 mL


Full Dose - Soil Only- Use in Soil only as should not be needed if using a powdered or liquid nutrient. GLB has a full line for soil but it keeps for in house growing and testing. 


Super Soil Growers

Initially Super Soil does not need much of an amendment, and too much early on can cause toxicity so we only give it an amendment dose during veg.  As micronutrients in the soil only pots start to decrease, growers can use Micro DS at higher ratios but if feeding otehr micronutrient products can stay with the above amendment doses.


0.1 mL or max 0.2 mL Every Other Day per gallon


Day 1

0.2 mL per gallon Every Other Day 

Day 28

0.2-25 mL per gallon Every Other Day unless seeing deficiencies up to 0.5 ml

Day 35

0.2-0.5mL Every Other Day

If 0.5 mL Every Other Day is not enough a full dose would be 0.75 mL, if  no micro nutrients are left in the pot, but highly unlikely unless "pushing soil". 

Leaf back .jpg
back leaf trich .jpg
micro leaf .jpg

Available Nutrients in Micro DS 

The following is the minimum guaranteed amount in our product, but it does not translate to other companies numbers due to the fact we pull 99.99% of the salts out of Micro DS, including any nitrates.  The amendment dose is only 0.1mL Daily or 0.2 mL Every Other Day as we make the cleanest nutrients in this industry. In late flower you see other companies adding some carious micronutrients but we have found all other lines lacking in the proper nutrient values. 

Boron - 0.01%

Sulfur - 0.1% 

Zinc - 0.1%

Copper - 0.005%   

Iron - 0.025%

We have Growers tell us that when they received a GreasePack and didn't really apply the micronutrient the first run, then applied it at the proper application each time their terpenes jumped up significantly. 

Check out GreasePack Amendments for more information.