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GLB Brix57 is made from non gmo all-natural plant extracts of Fructose and Glucose, which is half organic.  It is NOT made of sugarcane or sugar beets. Growers see higher quality, greasy resin content with lower application rates either 1 mL daily or 2 mL every other day.  There are no added nutrients, everything comes from plant extracts and the salts and heavy metals are removed as well.  We believe it is cleanest, most available, highest quality carbohydrate product in the industry and is truly made as a microbial food source.  It more available and efficient than using molasses carbohydrates.  Molasses is a by products from the sugar industry that must first be broken down before consumed by microorganisms. With molasses based products, the crystals left in the molasse, which are naked to the eye, must be broken down by microbes to be then consumed as a food source so there is more energy wasted. 


 Alone it still is the highest quality carbohydrate but when used in combination with our Enhance MC Microbial and GLB Micro DS micronutrient you will see resin and trichomes at a much higher consistency than molasses, and we would also say molasses based products as the GreasePack #1 is a total of 1.35 mL per gallon hydro/daily or 2.70 mL per gallon if used every other day.  There is no other carbohydrate based product on the market that gives the same quality at 1.35 mL on a daily basis.  At the end of the day what does it cost for each product growers use?  1 or 2 mL of GLB Brix57 with higher quality compared to 5-15 mL of molasses or molasses-based products? 

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The picture above on the left shows guttation. Guttation is when water/carbohydrates/xylem sap is express out of the leaves.  In our case it has always been a honey looking quality to it, sticky to the touch, and sweet to the taste.  When used at above 1.25 mL Daily per gallon,  or 2.5 mL Every Other Day, we see this occur more often.  Our application rates are based on not pushing to the limits but that does not mean growers cannot find out for themselves.

The higher the quality of base nutrients a grower uses with Brix57, the sooner growers will see this reaction.  It doesn't hurt the plant but it is the plant signaling it cannot exude any additional carbohydrates into the rootzone or express though any other means so the plant will push out of it's stomata.  Many say it has no negative effect, but we try to give rates that will bring you up to the maximum without going over.  Some growers in hydroponics using products like House and Garden base nutrients with out amendments as well as some organics have found they only use as little as 0.5 mL per gallon of water.

All pictures have been taken by the growers or representatives of GLB. Yes, we understand some are not perfect but viewers can get the gist of what we are trying to express.  Some have flash and some may not, the point is not that we are trying to manipulate the pictures but that the actual growers have stated that their flowers had more resin and quality with the products than without.  As mentioned in other parts of this site, our products can only take the plant as close as possible to the genetics' potential of the plant in the environment it is set in.  Brix57 will raise the quality above other carbohydrate products and at a less expensive price per gallon, but it cannot give the plant something that is not within its own genetics.  The better the genetics and grower, the higher the quality.

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Application Rates Per Gallon

Day 1 or Day 15 flower through Flush

1 mL Hydro/Reservoir/Daily

2 mL Every Other Day

Compost Tea (Make your normal tea recipe and only add 2 mL Brix57 just prior to application. If you want to use Brix57 in place of molasses at the start of the tea use 0.25 mL per gallon or 1/4 teaspoon per 5 gallons)

The application rates equate to 7 mL per WEEK, unless it's a once a week tea, meaning if you have a reservoir and feed daily, it would be 1 mL per gallon, if you feed every other day 2 mL, but too much at any one application can overload the plant. We can’t put in 4+ mL of Brix57 consistently as it will expand the microbial community too fast. 

We only recommend 1-2 mL per gallon depending on the feed schedule as we still get better results than our competition from hydroponic recirculating Deep Water Culture systems up to the richest of super soils. We do have many growers that push higher near the end and even through the cycle but it is grower and environment specific. If a grower was to push higher, we would not recommend going over 1.25 mL Daily or 2.5 mL Every Other Day to start until the last few days and if they flush. Many that have tried have come back down to the level but it's all relative to the quality of nutrients the plant is getting. Some growers have found they can raise it up to higher amounts per gallon but as environment, genetics, and all other inputs can affect how carbohydrates react with microbes, there is a point where you can have too much sugar in a plant. If growers decide to raise the amounts above the recommended dosages, we recommend to gradually raise to see how your plants react in your environment.


**High Humidity or Outdoor Use Note**

If growers cannot control, their humidity or are growing outdoors, we recommend a significant reduction of application rates from 2 mL per gallon to .5-1 mL Every Other Day due to the accumulated resin can cause too much consistent moisture creating bud rot near the end of flower. Even in New Mexico and Colorado where there is very low humidity, too much Brix57 can cause too much resin so doses may need to be cut by 50-75% of normal dosage or use earlier in flower then cut out until the last two weeks outdoors. We are not stating the growers cannot try but we have seen time after time that 1-3 mL per week works better than the normal 7 mL per week.

Organic Growers 

Organic Growers normally only feed or top dress when they think there is a deficiency, which in reality the deficiency is already in the plant prior to a grower seeing it.  A reaction to the Brix57 is that the biological community ramps up to such a high level that more bacteria and fungi are created at a higher rate and last a longer period. The plant reaction is that additional nitrogen is needed to create the protein based biology as well as nitrogen is a food source. Both of these functions can create a rather fast nitrogen deficiency in the plants. They can lime out rather quickly so we do recommend when feeding Brix57 at least in the beginning add some fish or other nitrogen source at least on the first few feedings to compensate.  If the plants stay green then it can be cut out but it's easier to deal with a little extra nitrogen in week 3 flower then plants that are serious deficient of Nitrogen and trying to play catch up.


When to Use Carbohydrates on Cannabis

Day 1 or Day 15 Flower? Determine what is best for the grower

Let's talk about when should you be adding your carbohydrates and what makes the most sense for the grower, genetics and their environment. For newer growers, there are a lot of products that don't tell you everything in them but be aware when any carbohydrates are in a product, including any you use in the veg phase, they can lead to additional excessive internodal stretching and Brix57 seems to cause it when it does happen to an even larger degree.


There are reasons to start using Brix57 or for that matter any sugar either Day 1 or Day 15 of the flower cycle. There are also caveats to all guidelines, some strains are so stacked growers want that additional stretch as the nodes are too close, so the grower would want more space in between each. Enhance MC microbial when used on mother plants, propagation and/or in veg clone will stack nodes closer so there are ways to create stacking without the use of any type of PGRs.


Note about PGRs - Kelp is an organic PGR and not bad, but Synthetic Plant Growth Regulators can keep plants shorter, stacked, can help add more weight, but they lose secondary metabolite quality, and it is noticeable. Our company does not believe in using anything that reduces the quality of the plant, but there are a number of commercial growers that are about yield not quality. Our products are made for end users... understand what you are putting in your plants. 

Back to when to apply. This is a decision that is up to the grower, and this is why we separate all our products, so it gives the grower the ability to apply what they want, when they want. A few questions will determine when to start using Brix57 or any carbohydrate.

Note for Newer Growers - Before we get started, we have seen a lot of grows and when we speak to new growers many are proud of their plants. They should be, and everyone that grows wants to be proud of their plants, but we see plants in veg hitting lights with 5 plus inches between each node, and they are happy about the overall growth of the plant but are not paying attention to the fact that each node is a flower, and the plant is going to be looking like smalls depending on genetics. Many exotics don't have any weight on them, and then stretch, those single node buds don't look that big. But some of these growers think they will have huge colas, and we end up disappointing them a little in the short-term letting them know what

their plant may look like depending on genetics. They have used products in veg that has molasses or they use their carbohydrates from day 1 flower, but didin't maange their space between the lights.  many of these grows are in odd low ceiling areas so the plants have to stay small.  The space between nodes on is the main factor for stretch and carbohydrates, outside of lighting and genetics, has the biggest effect on plant nodes.


Carbohydrates in Veg and in Propagation Products - There are a lot of propagation products for cloning that add molasses. As they seem to work well, the grower not looking at the label keeps using it into the veg phase.  We understand the premise and if you really want to use some, use once in the beginning of cloning, but it really is not necessary to use through veg.  The problem is many of those products contain sugars and growers that keep using those products in veg see large spacing and super-fast stretching and growth. In the long run, unless there is a reason you want that, be aware that is at least one major cause of your stretch. Check your labels...

How to decide on either Day 1 or Day 15 carbohydrate application.


Just Because a Feed Chart from a Nutrient Line says Day one it that the best for you.  Best possible quality is starting day 1.....However

Answer the questions below and find out for yourself.

1) What is the purpose of your flower, is it for medicine or bag appeal?

Day 1- It's all preference, but if this is for your own medicine or hash, we recommend using Brix57 Day 1of flower as there will be additional internodal stretching but it allows more light to directly hit each bud from all sides, in many cases giving a little bit higher quality over the flowering cycle and it will have 2 additional weeks of carbohydrates.

Day 15- Bag Appeal-If this is for commercial use or you just do not have the room in your grow area for stretch, shorter plants that stack properly create much bigger looking buds. We cannot say you will get more money as there is still the same amount of nodes but as they are closer and fill in bag appeal can play a part but really shouldn't. 


2) Is Instagram/Pride a factor and you want it to look like bigger buds?

Day 15 - We all like compliments on our pictures, if you just would like a more aesthetically pleasing looking plant and picture ready, you are Not losing a huge amount of quality by waiting till day 15 but there is a difference. If it’s for recreational, and not truly medicinal, you can wait until day 15.


3) What is your environment, is it Outdoor, Green House, humid, wet and/or cannot control it?

Day 1 - if not consistently, at least hit with Brix57 1 time at the beginning of flower then wait till day 15 and beyond so it doesn't stretch too much if that is an issue. but if it’s going to be a huge issue run Brix57 consistently from day 1 if you can stake up plants. More internodal spacing allows more airflow in between nodes. More airflow allows buds to dry out faster especially in wet and humid environments. Morning Dew or condensation in greenhouses that drips on plants will create bud rot. The more resin Brix57 makes, the tougher it is to not get bud rot everywhere. We recommend reduced application through the cycle and/or waiting till the end if it's an issue. It will be a learning process.

4) Have your ran these genetics before or know if they don't stretch normally?

Day 15- if you do not know your genetics, and most are always trying new genetics, unless there is a reason above to start Day 1 wait till day 15. If you want to test, test adding to one plant to see its reaction, but if you do not like it at least it was only one plant.


Check out Brix57 vs Molasses for more information!


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Brix57 during Flush or last 4-10 days of flower

Note- all application rates are general guidelines and growers must look and assess their plants  to adjust application rates to lighter doses if they see issues or if the plants are already so faded that additional sugar will pull too much out of the plant.

Look for an article on Flushing but a quick overview in relation to Brix57.  Our sugar is effective that with higher doses it creates excessive microganims which then will want to feed so if there are not enough nutrients, especially nitrogen as mcirobes are protein nitrgoen basesd and also use as a food source it can fade your plant very fast.


In the field we find that it takes about 4 days to once adding Brix57 to fully make its way though the entire plant and create the higest quality trichomes.  We use outdoors as a barometer as we only feed 1 time a week for trials so we can see the life of a product and how long to get the largest effect.

We are not saying it takes that long indoors but we use it as a gauge. Also we will feed Brix57 until the day before harvest as it will keep the microorganisms at a very higher rate pushing the plant to use up additional nutrients from the leaves. 

Super Soils  -7-10 days to harvest

Instead of 2 mL ever other day it would be bumped to 3 mLs and the last 3-4 days shorten the watering so it dries out daily and give the plant 2 mL daily the last 4 days.

Soils 4-10 days

Soils that are using bottles or dry nutrients as the pot is rootbound and most of the nutrients have been used up.  

Daily Feed  Day left to harvest day 10 to day 4  1.25 mL then with 3 days left 2 mLs daily 

Every Other Day Feed  Day left to harvest day 10 to day 1.25 mL then with 3 days left 2 mLs daily 

Coco or Hydro