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Why We Are Different

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The reality is, that there are too many low-terpene pretty pictures on Instagram that are commercially grown, (output over quality), biomass packs. You can't always tell the difference in a picture...too bad they're not scratch and sniff... and in some cases maybe they actually are :).  Many Instagram pages are the same, and some will say our pictures look the same as other pages, but we only show pictures from growers who have actually seen and tasted the higher quality for themselves.

The ultimate purpose of all plant-based medicine is the creation of the highest forms of secondary metabolites. The reality is once money is the primary focus, nutrient companies then make products to cater to that part of the industry, which is looking for output over quality.  So again, how are we different?  

The underlying difference, we are truly researching first...

Our individual products can be applied to any line because the research showed that there are deficiencies with all lines to certain degrees.  The all-in-ones and Part A & B are still trying to make it easier for the grower, but more important to make more money, which then affects overall quality. They can't add too much of any one thing to make the product work.  By focusing on the individual issues we could then come together and make GreasePacks. We oringally brought out as separate products to refine and also give every grower the ability to just use what they want or need as separate products.  Most coco and hydro grows can use higher application rates of Micro DS than our recommend application rate depending on a number of factors including genetics. No one knows how a plant will feed in a particular setting, so there would need to be some products that are standalones so they can be pushed. But we also have found most just want ease of use and 4 products on top of what they already use seemed to only be for those die hards looking for the best.

Larger commercial grows, as stated, are output over top quality, and have many more issues due to their size.  So to reduce potential disease issues, many groups cut out the microbial and fungal components, which are integral for higher quality secondary metabolites.  Many of the commercial facilities use a 2–5-part nutrient program that grow plants, but not the highest secondary metabolites, and even though they know that, they can't say that publicly.  Due to the nature of keeping the environment as clean as possible, many companies, also don't use any carbohydrates as they ramp up the microorganism community, which can include potentially pathogenic biology. Business over top end quality is technically business efficient, if it's a money first company.  The more efficient grows have less downtime, pushing out more flower, which creates intentionally less than top quality, but for maximum profits.  Business efficiency takes less money, time, and effort to keep the biological environment under control.  It all makes business sense...but creates a lot of flower with a show of trichomes, but low or lower medicinal qualities. Do we want these groups to win and crush the market....nope. 


As we were told by a grower that said he has put together over 2 million square feet of commercial space, they try to achieve 90% quality, as the last 10% causes too many problems in large environments. That also makes sense, but we have tasted that flower and been in his grows after he no longer was there.  It's not 90%, without biology and carbohydrates, there is no way you can even get close to 90% of the genetic potential of a plant in no microbes/carbohydrate/organic matter grows.  To note, higher quality is not just about biology, carbohydrates, or other organic inputs, but it's integral for the highest levels.  For us it's about nutrients that also reduce biotic and abiotic stresses, and have higher bioavailability, which reduces the energy load on the plant letting it deal with issues faster, that can translate into higher quality secondary metabolites. Our wish would be for at least 2% terpenes, or more be considered medicinal, and everything else be considered Recreational weed, but we are realists as well.


All nutrient lines have at least a general base nutritional value for the growth and bloom phases, which can help create a large percentage of secondary metabolites, but secondary metabolites are for the survival of the plant, not growth.  The facts are that all nutrient companies are short on their micronutrients as they must be to make sure they do not create a toxicity in any plants.  The problem is in all lines there is an even larger variance with heavy feeding strains. No company is going to say their nutrients are weak, they will just create a "Terpene" product that is somehow magical.  It's not, so we will get hate for that, but lines are not only short on micronutrients that affect terpenes and trichomes but also P & K. 


If you speak with some of these companies, they will say they are just focusing on the base 1-, 2- or 3-part program and not focusing on the next level of nutrients or biology.  These companies are not the issue, but some of their marketing departments suggest it's all you need for the highest quality. A complete amendment package of all essential micronutrients are needed for all lines but most growers don't want to go to the trouble of using those additional products. 


In no way are we saying their products are not high-quality products, but some nutrient companies are not focusing on certain aspects to higher quality plant efficiency.  The problem is you wouldn't know it by their advertising.  The confusion for growers is buying into hype.  Most marketing departments infer their nutrient lines are all you need for the highest quality flower, which just is not the case...but we are here to show growers they can be amended without having to change what they are currently doing if they don't want too. That being said, the higher the quality nutrients, the higher the potential for the plant.​  We are going to be discussing how to get better at growing on this site down the road and not just relying on what a company with the most money is telling you. 


Pocketbook Efficiency


The reality is most growers are technically not too different from the big, low quality, biomass commercial companies as it relates to costs.  They are asking the same questions.  The reality is most home growers are trying to balance the same issues, but maybe not to the same extent.  Pocket book efficiency, how to get out the most high quality flower at the lowest cost.  How do you get the highest quality on a budget?  A lot of patients don't have money to spend but need effective higher quality medicine.  How much do you want, or more importantly, can a patient spend, to get the highest quality medicine?  Budget affects quality, so quality has always been relative to cost, until us... 


What comes out of many lines is great looking flower with okay to good, maybe great terpenes, depending on a host of other factors. This is not all on the nutrients.  The grower themselves control a very large percentage of quality based on their environment, soil medium, pest management and every other input that affects the plant.  But even with the most inexpensive nutrients lines on the market, what growers find is when they add our GreasePacks, their quality goes up.  You don't need to change your current recipe, just add our GreasePacks over the top for higher quality. And now we have a starter BloomSap product that allows growers to use one additional product to get higher quality and if they want even higher quality they get the GreasePack.

The primary function of GLB nutrients is to layer each product to create those higher levels of secondary metabolites.  If our primary mission was to make money, then the end- product would never be what it could have been. Our products and quality are always being raised and refined by our organic chemist. Today's product may not be tomorrow's product, until we think it can't get any better. 

Our raw ingredients are of the highest initial quality prior to any processing.  Our products go through a proprietary process that removes the salts to as low as 0.01%. The removal of salts, nitrates and heavy metals has a dramatic effect, making our nutrients more available with less stress and energy load on all plants. The energy saved can help to properly cycle photo, protein, and lipid synthesis, ultimately culminating as the foundation to higher secondary metabolites. The reduced stresses create healthier plants with potentially higher brix levels. These plant stresses are separate from the intentional, manufactured stresses applied by cannabis growers to try to create higher levels of secondary metabolite responses in flower. 

What do we mean by energy loads or saving energy?  We may have a different view on plants based on what we have seen using our nutrients.  Biology has a symbiotic relationship with the plant, making the plant cells work easier.  If each bacterial and fungal microorganism is looked at as a worker in the relationship with the plant cells, they all have jobs, they don't get breaks, and move on to the next job when one is finished.  Our proprietary products help plants have more workers spending time on tasks that are important to raising the health of the plant. 


In addition, each stress receives a plant response.  If our PK boost only has 0.03% salts, it uptakes into the plant faster with no salt stress, so the plant can work on other things.  Plants need a very small amount of salts and sodium, not the up to 50% or more of some of those salt based nutrients it receives.  If we have nutrients that mitigate salts, and other abiotic stresses, they let the workers just work, we have a greater potential for coming closer to the optimum quality.  Obviously, that is dependent on all environmental inputs as well, nutrients are only a component that allows for higher quality. We just make it easier on the grower, but the grower still needs to do all the work.  We make several products that work like prefabricated parts. The less work needed to consume, the more energy for other jobs.  Our NPK, micronutrients, amino acids, organic acids all take less time and energy to uptake and be used by plants and biology in part due to almost no salts. 

Knowledge to Quality Ratio


As our site grows, we will be adding information on how our amendments work with other lines and all the ways our nutrients are being used.  Our GreasePacks and separate nutrients can be very easy to use with general application rates, but for those that want to take their plants to higher levels of quality, it can also be overwhelming as some of the products are so versatile.  Many GLB products have more functions than what can be easily broken down in a chart or on a label.  We don't make products for average results, our nutrients are very strong, so they are not for everyone, and some don't have the patience to push their plants to the highest quality. When growers understand that they can manipulate the micronutrients for higher quality relative to the strain, we start to see much higher quality produced. The more growers have time to test limits with our amendments, the better their grows become.

Many other companies went the route of making easy to use products as soon as possible to make the most money.  We took our time made the best products that very few want to go to the trouble of even using to obtain the maximum quality and then created GreasePacks and now BloomSap 0-9-11, which will make life a lot easier for most growers.  

So, if somehow everything above is true, then we really don't fit into the industry very well.  The reality is we have one line that is multi-functional but needs explanation at higher levels and that doesn't equate to easy optimal application... so we started with GreasePacks.  The rest of the industry is much smarter than us creating specific lines for different environments and soil mediums. To be honest it makes perfect business sense, the other guys have reduced the process to not having to think, which makes it easier on the large percentage of growers that either don't want to really assess their plants to create the highest quality plant, or in many cases, just are not sure how, and we get that. All those other companies will always be larger and make more money than us.  Many growers don't want to learn about the plant completely either, but in some cases just set it and forget it.


We understand just like craft beer, or anything else, there are different levels of interest.  For this reason, we know we are not for everyone. Even the simplest of application rates for our GreasePack #1, are still 3 separate products, and until people have tried them and see the difference, many really don't want to deal with it.  There is only one way that a company can start the way we have and still be successful, our products would have to be of the highest quality at some of the lowest prices per gallon of water. 


We have been testing and creating products for the last 5 years with an organic chemist that has 40 years' experience, and we are now about ready to become a real company in 2023.  At the end of the day, we still won't get investors to blow things up, which we could have done many times, as we don't want to give up that little piece of our soul for more money. We have dealt with hedge funds in past lives and it's about bottom line for them, not end users.  We know what we are doing is not like the other guys, so in some respects we must be different.  We will need to build a knowledge base for those that once they see the difference, and want to learn more, allows those growers to understand how to get better while using our products... and growing in general. 

The more knowledge, the more time consuming, the more of an art/science it becomes. 

Nutrients only get your plants closer to genetic potential.

The reality is the best nutrients and genetics have little meaning if the growing conditions are not good.  The nutrients only real role is to get the plant closer to the genetic potential. The better the genetics, the better the potential quality. We talk about removing salts, and some say that salts are not bad for a plant, but actually good. The reality is salts are a stress that the plant has to deal with, and can, very effectively, but it is still a stress that takes away energy, reducing the potential of the plant. This is not always seen until a grower has used our nutrients verses the rest of the market.  If salts are not a stress, outside of overfertilization, why worry about salts or ppms at all?  There is a visible difference in plant response with our amendments, down to taste and overall smoking experience. Salt based nutrients can be less than 50% available to the plant, but you never hear about that.

We have helped many new growers amend their crops that end up higher quality than much more experienced growers with those same genetics, but with just salt-based nutrients.  It's not us versus them, we help everyone and all lines, and it's not hard to upgrade your secondary metabolites with what you are currently doing. We have amended every major line and many that are minor, this can be done with something as simple as adding GreasePack #1 or #2 or as mentioned, Mid 2023 we rolled out our almost all in one BloomSap, which will make it even easier...


What are Secondary Metabolites?

A few words about secondary metabolites as it's our foundation.  The reality is most plant-based medicine comes from secondary metabolites.  What hemp and cannabis growers are trying to achieve is the highest quality secondary metabolites, not the prettiest plant on Instagram.  Secondary Metabolites are not for the growth of the plant, but for the survival of the plant. They include pest and disease defense, viral dormancy, nutritional value, medicinal value and much more.  We will keep to basics, but of the thousands of secondary metabolites in the plant kingdom, we will only speak in terms of Resin, Flavonoids, Terpenes and Trichomes, as they are the most well-known secondary metabolites related to the cannabis plant.


The overarching goal is to create the healthiest plant possible eventually raising the secondary metabolites to higher levels, including high brix levels.  There are known reasons why cannabis is extremely hard to accomplish this with due to how the plants are "pushed" and intentionally stress manipulated.  It is not only due to genetic and environmental aspects, but because of what, when, and how much nutrients are applied throughout the plant life cycle.  We have pinpointed several inputs, as well as timing of inputs that contribute to less-than-optimal secondary metabolites, which in turn leads to lower brix levels and more susceptibility of pest and disease damage, resulting in lower quality.  It's not that the quality is bad, but lower than it could have been.

We have only come to some of these realizations from multiple years of research using only products that have had their salts removed, which has put us down different rabbit holes than the rest of the fertilizer community.  By focusing on where the research leads us instead of making money as the primary objective, we have come to some unique revelations about high production cannabis plants. But it's still always a work in progress...

Even though our nutrients and amendments create very high-quality flower, nutrients are only part of the equation.  Before that can happen, we need to be properly cycling photosynthesis, as well as protein and lipid synthesis production at heightened levels. Each phase builds off the preceding phase. This cycling is an involved process as we are not just talking about photosynthesis working at optimal levels on a constant basis throughout the life cycle.  This allows for nitrogen to be completely converted in the protein synthesis phase, so none is stored in plant sap. Unconverted nitrogen in plant sap can create the potential for a host of additional issues and reduces the plant potentiality once again.

Lastly, as we are not running this company like a huge conglomerate that worries about what everyone thinks, we understand that we already have a ton of naysayers, especially due the lack of quality marketing, and many others will not like what we say or how we say it.  It's about to get worse.  Warning....Hemp and Cannabis is for adults, not for children, and our products and how we present our company will not be appreciated by a large portion of growers.  From a macro perspective, almost 100% of growers worldwide Don't use our products, and again, we are okay with that.


To sustain longevity, businesses usually don't make decisions that can actually hurt their bottom line or go too far against industry narrative without a lot of money, so we are not the norm.  We will get push back for that as our nutrients work differently and in some cases, we come to different conclusions.  In addition, at times we will not be willing to show how we get to some of our conclusions as it indirectly will let competitors know how some of our processes work.  As a note, over 90% of our growers don't want us to post about them or to be on Instagram so we don't, and we post the same few accounts so it can be repetitive.  Some of the ones that do allow us to post get messages saying they shouldn't use our products from random haters, we have to laugh as some of those growers have been converted. Just because a bottle looks cool or you see other companies' ads all the time doesn't mean much when comparing to our quality and price, but we get it.  We are not too worried about it as those who use all the products in the GreasePacks correctly, see the difference. You can't leave out the Micro DS, or the Enhance MC, it just will not get the same results.  Still great, but it could be better.  Our social media posts and the way we express ourselves will also not be appreciated from time to time as everyone has their personal opinions about growing.  To reiterate, we are not against competitors' products or employees, but we will be calling out claims and pricing in the future.


Everyone has their right to their opinions, we don't expect you to agree, but also, it's not personal. As we go against companies that are worth 100s of millions of dollars, we are not going to give anything away to these guys, and that will annoy A LOT of people.  Growing is very personal to a lot of people and it can have the same effect as talking politics.  There will be science-based growers that want proof to all statements and unfortunately, we will not always give it, and it may not fit their narrative of their current beliefs.  We created this company for growers to get the highest quality products at more than fair pricing. If we can help growers raise their knowledge base, over time that's just a plus. If you agree or disagree with our conclusions, but something we have said makes you look for more information and become more engaged with the plant, we did our job.​ We know that there will be many that read our posts in the future that have strong opinions why they would never use us, but they will keep coming back to hopefully learn something new, and we appreciate that...

Thanks for your time and we wish you the best,


(The last 3 paragraphs will probably be copied and pasted onto many comments over the following years, so we thought we should just plunk that down on our website for everyone to read:)







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