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BloomSap is the almost All-in-One version of our GreasePack #2

Brix57, Bloom Accelerant, Micro DS, and Fulvic Acid from Enhance MC in each amendment dose, but we left the microbes out. We have found that most growers will choose ease of use over the highest quality, so we created GLB BloomSap

BloomSap is the most efficient version of our GreasePack #2 into a single bottle that can be used in any setting. It's for recirculating Deep Water Culture (rDWC) and Drain To Waste (DTW) through soil, as long as additional base nutrients are applied. 

As we have stated before, the highest quality will always be the parts are greater than the whole. Each product within Greasepack #2 can be dialed in separately for higher quality, and strain-specific applications. But most growers don't have the time or energy as they are battling the environment, so they don't want to add 4 products when 1 is so much easier. 


​BloomSap will be able to go OVER THE TOP of any nutrient line, will raise the quality, and is also at a more than fair price per gallon of water cost. 

**We shouldn't have to make this caveat, but we have found 1 line so far that doesn't show on their label all of the necessary micronutrients to grow a higher quality plant. If there is one there must be others, there just needs to be an adjustment with additional Micro DS added. In addition, the nature of our strong fulvic acid, and GLB proprietary carbohydrates can create plants to want to feed heavier, with higher biological communities, which can increase Nitrogen needs in flower.

GLB BloomSap Product Testing 

2 mL Daily or 4 mL Every Other Day

Day 1 or Day 15 of Flower until Flush

A few 16 oz. samples are available for priority shipping & handling, and PayPal fees.

Please Click Here to see if any are still available.

0-9-11 NPK

Salts 0.02%

pH 6.96

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