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Shipping Included - Please see the main Roots2Shoots page for more detailed information. If looking for different sizes or more information email, call or add the Multiple Products/Larger Sizes to the cart to be contacted.


32 oz Organic GLB Roots2Shoots 2-1-2 is made from Amino Acids, GLB Fish and organic acids.
Cloning NPK nutrient - the only one you need

Root Accelerant (Cloning and Veg through week 3 Flower) 

Amino Acid Amendment - Full Cycle

Secondary Metabolite Amendment - Full Cylcle

0.75% natural sulfur from our GLB Fish portion of the product.

NPK nutrient for all gardening fruits and vegatables.

32 oz. Organic GLB Roots2Shoots 2-1-2

SKU: 003
$34.00 Regular Price
$29.00Sale Price
  • GLB Roots2Shoots is shipped USPS 3-day Priority Mail

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