Bloom Accelerant 
PK Boost
0.03% Salts

What Bloom Accelerant has proven time after time is that even as an amendment dose added Day 1 of flower, it affects the quality of plant life when used with any other nutrient line.  What has not been determined is if it is from a lack of properly available phosphorous and potassium in those lines from Day 1 of flower, or Bloom Accelerant, due to the 0.03% salts has such a higher bioavailability and quality form of P & K that it supersedes the main P & K in a competitors' nutrient lines. We believe due to it's higher quality and bioavailable clean nature, it uptakes into the plant prior to other forms, especially salt based PK ingredients.  What we can say is, Bloom Accelerant shows a noticeable difference in plant quality in side by side testing where our Bloom Accelerant is even at an amendment dose and is the only variable. ​


At the end of the day, our Greasepack #1, which includes Enhance MC microbial, GLB Micro DS micronutrient and our proprietary Brix57 carbohydrates combined with our Bloom Accelerant creates our Greasepack #2.   Bloom Accelerant accelerates the flowering process in the plant and we have seen the process start earlier and ultimately finish up to 5 days sooner than normal at times without loss of secondary metabolites or yield.  Enhance MC has a very strong fulvic acid in it which makes nutrients more available and when combined with an almost no salt PK boost in Bloom Accelerant, it takes all plants to the next level.  In addition, as the P and K are the primary flowering nutrients, and even at an amendment dose added onto other companies full lines, we find that plants grow larger faster with less stress as the plants are not lacking the proper available PK from day 1 of flower. 


Plants are not waiting for a short heavy dose of PK Boost later in the flowering cycle. We are not saying the short 3-week additional PK does not have benefits, but the plants are already lacking proper available PK much sooner than it's being delivered.  Not all PK boosts can be used from day 1 of flower without causing issues, lockout, or toxicity. Bloom Accelerant can and when used until the end as the final flower is cleaner and tastes better due to less salts. Gowers don’t understand until they have tried it.

Faster Pre Flower Growth

Day 19 Flower pictures from @CultivatedRemedies

Day 19 flower CR Bloom.jpg
Day 19 flower CR bloom 2.jpg

Application Rates

Amendment Dose (Included in GreasePack 1, 2 and 3)

1 mL Daily/Hydro  Day 1 flower until Flush

2 mL Every Other Day  Day 1 flower until Flush unless soil then 3-7 days prior to harvest.

Full Dose

Daily/Hydro 3 mL per gallon  

Every Other Day - 4-6 mL per gallon

3 mL of 0.5-17-17 is equivimant to 1 mL of  1.5-51-51 but truly available.

Coming Soon  BloomSap 0-9-11

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