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Enhance MC Microbial

Foliar, Cloning Solution, Rooting Concentrate, Fulvic Acid, Kelp, Shortens Nodes, Breaks Down Dead Roots, Faster Nutrient Uptake, Helps to Finish Plants & Much More ...


Enhance MC Microbial is a misunderstood product as you can't describe everything it does on a label. It has nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes that help to make nitrogen and phosphorous more available.  It also contains microbes that break down cellulose, so it helps to clean up dead roots, and breaks down fiber.  In flower when Brix57 carbohydrates are added coco fiber may drop an inch or so as the microbes convert a small amount of fiber into a food source for the plants.  It also contains Kelp and 6% fulvic acid. Our kelp like all of our ingredients is very clean and though we use it in soil, it is used as a great foliar during the veg phase.  In addition, even at 6% our Enhance MC is stronger than most fulvic based products and we stand by that.  Due to the strength of the fulvic acid, only a small amount of our microbial can be used per gallon of water, or it allows the plant to take up as much nutrients as it can handle, which sometimes may help to create micronutrient deficiencies if there is not enough nutrients in your soil or growers are not paying attention.  In part, that is why we created out Micro DS micronutrient product to make sure your soil medium has enough available micronutrients. 

**Organic Soil Growers that Top Dress and Use Teas**

A word about Enhance MC with organic growing practices, it is so potent that we recommend a much smaller dose and application rate when used as a stand alone or in our GreasePacks.  By itself it can make so much available that the nitrogen in the pot will take off and there is not enough available micronutrients to meet the needs of the new growth creating deficiencies.  It is not that the new growth is bad but understanding that just because minerals have been added to the pot does not making them immediately available to the plant. They have to be mineralized by the biology for the plant to uptake and this process takes much longer than those salt based nutrients that are more immediately available to the plant.  If it is just about the microbes than you really only need to use it as a pre plant application in soil as those microbes will expand in the pot.  We use it consistently through a grow more for the fulvic acid and make more available to create healthier larger plants. We have growers that use KNF techniques and do a lot of teas, but we back off the amount needed to as low as 0.1-0.25 mL per week in an organic soil setting unless using a fish for nitrogen and either GLB Micro DS, or make sure there are heavier amounts for organic micronutrients if not using GLB Micro DS.  



Propagation, Field Pre-Plant, Grow, Bloom, &
Flush Enhancer

**MSRP less than $0.02 per gallon of water - 0.5 mL per application Every Other Day or 0.25 mL per gallon Hydro -

** Organic Growers w Top Dressing &Teas 0.1-0.25 ml per week

**Cloning Solution- 1 mL per gallon of water

**Organic and Safe for use in hydroponic and micro drip emitter systems

**Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria – pulls nitrogen from the atmosphere to help in propagation through bloom phase.

**Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria- unlocks phosphorus that is locked up in soil and salt-based nutrients.

**Cellulose Degradation- breaks down all dead cellulose which includes dead roots keeping the root system clean and turning the plant residue back into available nutrients for the plant

**Salt Stress Mitigation that helps to mitigate salt, which is an abiotic stress on the plants

**6% Fulvic Acid helps to uptake micronutrients

**Shortens nodes if used in Propagation and Veg 

**Promotes rooting

The end goal is nutrient efficiency, and how root systems uptake nutrients for a higher quality and yielding plant. At the end of the day, no matter how nice your roots looks, if your quality and yield are not better on the end product, you are wasting time, energy and money on products that are not giving you any more value than the one product in Enhance MC.

So, what does Enhance MC do?

Some microbial products throw microbes in their products that they don’t understand are antagonistic to each other in the same bottle.  Enhance MC microbes complement each other. Growers want high quality roots to make a high-quality product. They want to get rid of any dead or dying roots due to abiotic and biotic stresses, so it does not create additional issues with their plants. Most Growers also want the maximum amount of nutrients to uptake into their plants, and finally, we all want to pay a fair price for an excellent product. That’s what Enhance MC is.

In addition, the original formulation was made to go through micro emitters in drip systems for field use without clogging up the lines, so it works just as well in hydroponics systems. Enhance MC is a very concentrated, clean microbial product and is worth having as a staple in every indoor grow, greenhouse, or the field.

In the vegetative phase Enhance MC helps to keep stacking of nodes tight as well as faster recovery of mother plants after cloning or when stripping plants. But an important function outside of the proper microbes to work with the plant is the fulvic acid.

ewsd clone moms _edited.jpg

Why did we add GLB Fulvic Acid?

Our fulvic acid, which is one of the strongest in the industry, helps to make your nutrients more available to the point that whatever is the weakest link in your pot can turn into a deficiency if used at too strong a dose, or you do not have enough proper available nutrients in your pot.  Normally plants will grow to the weakest nutrient in soil and that means that plants may be smaller in general because of it, but if your soil is completely available and the plant starts to uptake more nitrogen and the corresponding magnesium, sulfur, and molybdenum is not there, it can't correctly make chlorophyll. So we recommend in straight organic grows that do not add a liquid or powdered nitrogen source with more immediate uptake, just organic top dressings that must be mineralized and/or teas that we reduce the amount of Enhance MC used during the cycle as stated above.


Why do we say the strongest in the industry?  There are fulvic acids out there at 70-90%, but not all fulvic acids are the same or made out of the same material.  We have products we only sell in agriculture that are either 20% organic or 30% conventional, but can only be used at extremely small dosages or they will cannibalize your plants if not enough nutrients in the soil.  There are other products on the market that use 15 plus mL per gallon of water application rates and if we did that with ours, even at the 6% that is in Enhance MC, growers would be killing plants because there would not be enough micronutrients in the soil to handle all the processes.  Our Enhance MC microbial is only used at max rates of 0.15-0.25 mL daily or 0.3-0.5 mL on every other day feeds (up to1 mL on true super soils), and the fulvic acid is only 6% of the product.  So a grower's plant is ONLY receiving of actual fulvic acid 0.015 mL daily or 0.03 mL every other day per gallon of water, and that still is making so much available it seems as if the plants are being "pushed", but in reality the plants will only take what they can handle.  The problem occurs if the plants take up a number of nutrients, but there are missing micronutrients then again deficiencies can occur. 


Using high doses over 0.5-1 mL per gallon in a mix and feed or 0.25 mL in a reservoir-based system can cause your plant to have create too much availability.  We are not saying it cannot be done, but usually only by those experienced growers that know their strain as well as whole nutrient program and have been using our products for a while.  In this process we call it being "pushed " but it's actually not being pushed, rather making more available for uptake. It can happen even at lower doses if not using a micronutrient supplement, as many soils do not have the proper available micronutrients and we see deficiencies in many bagged soils very earlier on sometimes.   Any soil company touting "Water Only" soil has never used our products and if as a grower you are using those soils please be prepared to amend it. 


Therefore, it is important to pair Enhance MC with enough food in the plants. This can easily be corrected with raising the micronutrient application rates if the grower is wanting larger growth or reducing Enhance MC if wanting less of a plant response. The combination of Enhance MC and GLB Micro DS is a part of our GreasePack and additional benefits can be found in the Amendment Pack section. 


In addition, why should you have to buy a second or third product just because our competitors want to make you pay more? The goal of adding microbes is to raise the nutrient efficiency in your growing medium. If you can also help your microbes to convert nutrients more easily, why wouldn't you?  Enhance MC is one product that we put against your current microbial, kelp, fulvic acid and enzymes that clean up dead roots all in one as well as a foliar. 

Day 19 flower CR bloom 2.jpg


Indoors – When using Enhance MC with 6% Fulvic there are a few strategies for use.


Just for the Microbes – If it is just for the microbial content use 0.1-0.25 mL per gallon max 1 time every 1-2 weeks.  This will allow the microbes to start expanding but will not open too much of the nutrients within the soil to be immediately available.


Creating Full Nutrient Efficiency – used at

0.25 mL per gallon on a Hydro or Daily Feed rate

0.5 mL per gallon Every Other Day Feed

**If super soil** some growers will use at 1 mL per gallon every other day but later in flower it may create micronutrient deficiencies.**


Pushing Soil – experienced users only – Super Soil growers have pushed 1 mL, but it is based on experience using Enhance MC and understanding the amount of nutrients that are in the soil.  This is for advanced users only.  Even super soil growers would need additional micronutrient amendments.  We recommend GLB Micro DS and though a GLB Clean Mineral based product not OMRI listed.  Micronutrient products are mineral based even though many have an OMRI listing are considered synthetic not organic though approved by OMRI. Check that out for yourself. 


Normally we only advise an amendment dose of our Micro DS as growers only need 0.1 mL daily or 0.2 mL every  other day.  If really pushing or still see a deficiency in super soils and the grower does not have an additional micronutrient source, GLB Micro DS can be raised up to a full dose which is 0.50-0.75 mL per gallon every other day in soil.

Finishing Plants

When using Enhance MC there can be so much uptake that the plants have a lot of nitrogen and may take longer to fade your leaves and pull out the chlorophyll.  In most cases, growers using nutrients bottle or powder can reduce the nitrogen and it will start to fade but it sometimes is harder with soils.  In this case we use Enhance MC to allow more availability.  It can help to chelate nutrients at a faster rate, which can remove chlorophyll from the leaves and help the fade of nitrogen from the plant a little faster.    We have growers that will use 0.50-3plus mL per gallon at the beginning of a flush to start the process.  This will be something each grower will have to find what works for their specific plants and soil. The result is more nutrients are pulled into the flowers including a raise in secondary metabolites.

As a note we have back off in some cases heavy additional Enhance MC and started to also use additional Brix57 carbohydrates to ramp up the microbes in the pot creating also an additional pull on the nutrients but creating a higher resin source in the process.