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Creating Products with Secondary Metabolites in Mind

Nutrient Efficiency 

Creating the least amount of abiotic and biotic stress on the plant, to uptake the cleanest form of  bioavailable nutrients, and to reduce the energy load of the plant, plant cells, and microorganisms that interact with that plant. This includes removing all nitrates that create heavy energy consumption in plant growth

Industry Pricing Dynamic

Creating the highest quality products at more than fair pricing per gallon of water cost.

Secondary Metabolites

Secondary Metabolites are much more than just terpenes and trichomes in hemp/cannabis plants.  Flavonoids have a bigger role in the smell, flavor and taste than they are given credit for in these plants. The higher levels have been achieved from organic matter and from the normally insoluble organic acids found in humates.

GLB Clean Farming

Organic Nutrients have always been associated as clean farming. People assume "organic" means clean with no pesticides or heavy metals, but that's not always the case. As growers are educated, they will find that GLB All Natural, Organic and GLB Clean mineral based nutrients are as clean or cleaner than organic soils.  GLB not only removes nitrates and salts, but heavy metals from it's products making our nutrients more available to the plant.

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GLB Amendments

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GLB Brix57

Proprietary plant extracts with a proprietary process not molasses based. 1 mL daily or 2 mL every other day per gallon verses any other molasses based product, or even amend 0.5-1 mL over the top of your current program....  

The Highest Quality Carbohydrate on the Market

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Plant Care

The Little Things... Unconventional Opinions

Why We Are Different?

It's been 5 years of research, not showing much as far as a website all these years or spending money on advertising, but until now it's been about making the highest quality, nutrient efficient products.  Our difference is about finding higher levels of secondary metabolites (terpenes, trichomes, and flavonoids) from our proprietary plant extracts and processes.  At the end of the day, it's about making it easier on growers to grow cleaner, much higher quality medicine.  We are creating a better overall experience at a more than fair price. 


So how are we different?  It may end up being a love hate relationship with us.  We will start to explain some of those things that may not be obvious within the fertilizer industry, and we will definitely write, and explain too much for many readers, but it will be a place to come for growers to learn.  And though there is nothing personal against any individuals, we do believe there are a number of aspects to the fertilizer industry that the average grower just isn't aware of.  When you start to talk about an industry that is pretty well balanced and set, we get more... let's call it blow back.  We believe growers should have a much better understanding of why they use or do not use products.  The fact is 100% of nutrient lines are technically short on certain nutrients and micronutrients.  The reasoning is very logical, no companies want to make your plants toxic with too much of any one nutrient, but they also don't tell you or give you the tools to amend those issues.  What we can say is, even some of those that are not fans, may still learn a thing or two. 


For us, it's important to create and sell products to those that #growtheirown and smaller craft commercial grows.  We really don't want everyone's business and have turned away lucrative money now deals for the long-term drain of our souls.  If we were like so many others, we would have already gotten investors, diluted our products and raised the prices, but that's not us.  The community at large is about to find out our products are some of the highest quality at the lowest prices in the industry.


That being said, our primary mission is to create the highest quality secondary metabolites, which encompasses cycling the three precursor processes a plant must go through to get to those highest levels.  It's more than just what our nutrients do for the plant, it's how close we can get the plant to the potential of the genetics. 

Click on the link for more information on what are secondary metabolites and understanding our Why...         


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The Little Things that Raise
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"It promotes faster growth, uptakes nutrients faster and provides the plant with everything it needs at any giving time....I notice a big change when I don't use it"
@NewGen_Hydro about GreasePack #2
"I didn't do anything different than what I did last round without it, and I notice an extreme greasiness/grittiness dependent on cultivar, but it's extreme, and resin production starting earlier than usual.  I can't speak for water hash, but dry sifting I yielded more than I did off the previous grow as a whole, on a solo 1 gallon RED POP plant"
@SolexGrows about GreasePack #2